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Cafe 306


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Cafe 306 came to us as they were not gaining new customers and had a desire to grow. They have been spending money on local chambers, magazines, and social media posts.

We came in and evaluated and made some changes:

The first being brand consistency as all of their printed materials had different CMYK values. fonts, and sizes.

From there we built a website as they didn't see a need for one. With the new website we put on their regular menu, catering menu, and an online ordering app to reduce the number of orders coming in through Door Dash (hint: $80k initial savings!!!).

Search Engines
There was no love for the search engines. Google My Business (GMB) didn't exist nor did Bing Places. Both are now live, updated weekly, and more than half of all traffic is from their organic search with no more paid ads to Google.

Social Media
Social media has now been focused on showcasing their foods, specials, and more involvement with the community. We are doing targeted and re-targeting ads using the Facebook Pixel we created for them.

We now create a monthly newsletter to subscribers about specials and upcoming events. This gives them time and keeps Cafe 306 at the top of their mind. Subscribers are only asked when they come in so that we have a high read rate as they already love the product.

We are seeing a 19% month-over-month increase for the past six months.


  • Industry: Restaurant / Hospitality

  • Location: Northwest Indiana

Key Features Provided

  • Online Ordering

  • Mobile Responsive WordPress Website

  • Branding & Marketing Guide Creation

  • Marketing Guide

  • Heat Mapping

  • Google Analytics

  • Content Writing

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Management

  • On-Going Maintenance

  • Paid Ad management on Facebook

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